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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone, A Roku Technical Support Scam was reported to me yesteday evening. It appears that they want you to enter a code in order to pair your device. Every code that you enter appears to redirect you to an error.html page where you need to call technical support because your device has been locked. This website looks very convincing, they even have a valid SSL Certificate. I have attached some screenshots of the webpage. WARNING: PLEASE DO NOT ACCESS THE WEBSITE BELOW IN A NORMAL ENVIRONMENT, THE WEBSITE IS DANGEROUS AND MAY CAUSE HARM TO YOUR SYSTEM! The website is: https://xenevent.com/ I have ran a check of the website and the server's IP Address is It appears that they are using webhosting powered by Namecheap. I have forwarded my information on to Namecheap but I am yet to receive a response.
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