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  1. Yo Happy Birthday LVTS Hope you Will have Happy Year ( idk how to tag you but) Thank you for support that you gave us.
  2. duh its hard to like but Thanks For the help anyways
  3. well I will update when I fix the PC to I update using OTC over the cable I guess
  4. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4340298/support-options-for-nokia-lumia-and-feature-phone-devices
  5. https://www.windowscentral.com/windows-phone-81-store-shuts-down-december
  6. connection impossible we were not able to connect to the store currently. Retry later
  7. is there any way i can allow my phone to install appx of apps (similar to .apk of android)
  8. that's why I was to clear the app data no I dont
  9. hi , I accidentally made a password to telegram ( 100% true 😌) but I can't find in setting clear data and if I uninstall an app I can't isntall since they closed the windows store of w 8.1 mobile and I forgot to install the updater. until I my PC gets fixed I cant do any thing thank you .
  10. do a video about this and the kenu one is virtual machine and upload it and give credits to your forum and main website. As same for the next scam bags
  11. Lol bet an tech guy did it so he gets money
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